Mud Jeans

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Mud Jeans is a Dutch circular clothing company specialized in denim. Mud Jeans produces guilt free and environmental conscience items, while looking fashionable and modern. Therefore, the company won several awards, such as the Sustainability Leadership Award and the Peta Vegan Awards. The company recycles old jeans into brand new jeans, jackets, sweaters and t-shirts.

Mud Jeans is much more than ‘just’ a producer of organic denim. They refrain from the fast fashion’s linear model of take, make and waste. Because the fashion industry earned itself the award of the second biggest polluter on our planet (only beat by the oil industry) they came up with an alternative: the circular economy.

They eliminated the use of chemical substances, use cradle to cradle indigo dye and their factory recycles 95% of its water. “So your jeans won’t leave any ecological footprint but instead help you collect karma points”, they say.

Mud Jeans is GOTS and B Corp certified and made of high quality post-consumer recycled denim.

B Corporation certified Global Organic Textile Standard