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Degree Clothing opened its doors in Augsburg, Germany in 2015. Quickly they became the hotspot for local fashion culture and the home of an autonomous movement. At Degree, they say that the ‘desire for independence and freedom is a solar powered engine of ideas and design.’ Degree Clothing combines contemporary streetwear with high-quality materials, produced ecologically and fairly. Uncompromising. This has allowed the label to create a name for quality, style and authenticity. Clothing made by people who earn enough to give themselves a comfortable life is woven pride.

Degree’s organic cotton is grown from seed to the manual picking process completely without chemical synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Along the entire production chain, the articles are manufactured under the standards of GOTS certification. The packaging of the individual items is biodegradable. In addition to two collections a year, the atelier develops unique products such as the world’s first fair Hair Ties.

Global Organic Textile Standard