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About us

Fields Clothing offers a selection of brands that produce sustainable clothing we define as minimalistic, durable and outdoor. Taking social and environmental responsibility in the whole production process is what distinguishes these brands from ordinary clothing. Minimalistic, because we all like to wear beautiful and pure clothing that make us look and feel better. Durable, because we want to wear our most precious clothes as long as possible. In the meanwhile this contributes to the sustainability of fashion (“buy less, choose well, make it last”) and last but not least, it saves you money. Outdoor, because we like to wander and explore our (natural) surroundings in clothing that serve and protect us.

We’re aware of the fact that companies, garments, items and even certifications related to sustainability differ greatly from each other. Therefore, we have specific information on every product page about the certification, fabric and country of production of the clothing.

To take control over your environmental impact, choose your sustainable garments well. Certifications may be a help, but have their own limitations. Check what it’s made of and where it’s produced. And of what material it is made. All factors together give a general indication of the social and environmental impact of the clothing.

Besides choosing wisely, there’s a few more things you can do to lower your environmental impact. As Mud Jeans outlines: “research has shown that the biggest part of environmental impact of your garments is created during the use phase, which means the maintenance and cleaning. This gives you the responsibility and power to take care of your garments consciously.” We’ve made a list of practices:

✓ Only buy clothing you really need;
✓ Care for your clothing to make it last longer;
✓ Try to wash as little as possible (in the case of wool: it’s naturally antibacterial, hang it out a night and it won’t be smelly anymore);
✓ Try to wash only full loads;
✓ Hang out by hand, do not tumble dry.

✓ Outstanding collection of sustainable clothing
✓ Low shipping rates
✓ Super fast order processing
✓ Guaranteed secure shop and payment system
✓ Expert and personal customer service

We are continuously looking for Instagram and fashion / sustainability blog collaborations. We are more than happy to discuss opportunities via contact@fieldsclothing.com.

Happy customer? Please use Instagram hashtag #fieldsclothing and tag us @fieldsclothing. We’re regramming on a weekly basis.

No upcoming events, currently.

Currently, we’re not hiring.

But we are looking for male and female models who want to help us with shooting our collection on a voluntary basis. Interested? Please send a DM via Instagram or e-mail us at contact@fieldsclothing.com.

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